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Why IH Budapest?

Budapest is one of those places where people come intending to stay a short time- a month say, or a year- and long after you'll find them happily settled in. It's also a great place to do a CELTA. Here are eight reasons why:

  • 1. Value for money: a weakish Forint and a relatively low cost of living have meant we have managed to keep course fees low- we offer one of the best CELTA fees in the world.
  • 2. Quality assured: we have been delivering initial teacher training courses since 1988 and have a long tradition of quality teacher training (check any forum). Many of the biggest names among ELT writers “did their time” here in Budapest and played an important part in shaping our CELTA training programme and philosophy.
  • 3. Consistency: our training team is not only highly experienced, but also works together throughout the year (we don’t use freelancers). This means that you can be sure that our trainers, despite their differing teaching styles and personalities, will be clear and consistent in their message to you; and that’s just what you need when starting out.
  • 4. Employment: helped by our reputation as a quality teacher training institute, our knowledge of the local teaching context and contacts with local employers, and being part of a network of schools present in over 40 countries, we know what you need to do to get a teaching job and we do our best to help you.
  • 5. Service: we pride ourselves in our personal touch, from your first inquiry through to your last day on the CELTA and beyond; we do our best to give you the support you need.
  • 6. Context: we are not just a highly active CELTA centre but also run the Cambridge DELTA course as well as a range of specialised post-CELTA courses. That means that you are getting your training within a broader training context.
  • 7. Atmosphere: the school is professional but relaxed, which means that it’s easy to interact with and get to know some of our regular teaching staff, some of whom you are likely to observe during the course, and some of whom—who knows—could be your colleagues someday.
  • 8. Budapest: a great city to visit and live in. Everyone finds their niche here, whether they like the nightlife or the hiking in the nearby Buda Hills.
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Telefon: (+36 1) 212 4010

Telefax: (+36 1) 316 2491

Cím: 1012 Budapest, Vérmező út 4.


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